• A Round cake with two fillings. Pick your cake flavor, filling, and icing/topping.

    Size         |     7'            8'              9'             10'            11'             12'              13'               14'

    Serves      7-9       9-12       12-16      16-22     22-30     30-40      45-60        60-75

    Ganache is $5 and can only be used on buttercream frosting. For edible images please contact us. Edible image cakes must be ordered at least a week in advance.
  • A flakey and crispy shell filled with a sweet ricotta filling
  • A rectangular-shaped sponge cake with your choice of icing. Ganache can be added for $5, but only on buttercream frosting.

  • *Will Include a Seasonal Ribbon* SHIPPING orders must be placed Tuesday-Thursday before 12pm EST. Any orders placed Thursday after 12pm will be shipped out the following Tuesday.
  • 1lb pre-wrapped box of our house made Rainbow Cookies
  • Napoleon Cake


    Napoleons are a cake or pastry make with layers of flaky pastry and cream.

    Size         |    whole strip        1/4 sheet          1/2 sheet          3/4 sheet            whole sheet

    Serves            8-12                    15-18                  35-45                  60-70                      90

  • Rainbow Cookie Cake

    2 Layers of Rainbow Cookie Topped with Hard Chocolate
  • Chocolate cake filled and topped with our in house chocolate mousse
  • Vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam, buttercream and diced peaches - topped with raspberry and apricot jam
  • Tres Leches Cake

    Tres Leches is a sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Our Tres Leches cakes are round and have a whipped cream frosting. The filling is french cream with one additional filling option of fresh fruit. *IF YOU WOULD LIKE CAKE TO LOOK LIKE PHOTO PLEASE MENTION THAT IN CUSTOM MESSAGE*

    Size         |      7'            8'             9'            10'            11'             12'              13'               14'

    Serves      7-9       9-12       12-16      16-22     22-30     30-40      45-60        60-75

  • Pignoli

    1lb of pignoli cookies.
  • Cross Cake

    We offer cross-shaped cakes, perfect for all your religious affairs.

    Size          |      1 Fill                2 Fill            Whole Sheet 1 Fill           Whole Sheet 2 Fill

    Serves        20-25                30-35                     50-55                                     75

    Whipped cream is the recommended frosting.
  • Cannoli By the Dozen

    *Shells and cream will be separate* Orders for Cannolis are pickup or Next Day delivery only. SHIPPING orders must be placed Tuesday-Thursday between 11am and 2pm EST.
  • 1lb of Lemon flavored iced cookies.
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